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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

French satirists thumb noses at Islam

Apparently France was tired of not being in the international spotlight shone by the oft and laughably outraged Muslim hordes. One of their political satirists ran this cartoon of the prophet Mohammad saying, "100 lashes of you don't die of laughter".

The Paris headquarters of this magazine was bombed a month ago so they decided to defiantly run the cartoon again to show that they weren't intimidated. Good for them. I didn't know anybody in France had the balls to thumb their noses at radical Islam.

As a reaction to the publication of the Mohammad cartoon, France has shuttered something like 20 embassies and foreign schools in Muslim-dominated countries. Probably a good idea. It's about time the US had an ally in our stand against radical Islam and the perpetually outraged cultists who believe in it.

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