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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Rumors of Tea Party demise have been greatly exaggerated

In what is certainly a warning klaxon to entrenched, beltway republicans, RINO Richard Lugar of Indiana lost to a Tea Party candidate by 20 points yesterday.

The media have been running gleeful stories lately about the demise of the Tea Party and its influence on elections and about how it's all about how Occupy is the wave of future elections. That's wishful thinking on the part of the media. The reason the media doesn't see Tea Party activists running around demonstrating is because we have jobs. The Occupy rabble are wholly unemployable because of their lack of work ethic, no demonstrable skills, and general stench.

Congressional and Senate republicans up for re-election this year who were hoping the media were right about the Tea Party are probably calling strategy meetings this morning to figure out how to position themselves to get re-elected now that the Tea Party has shown itself to be alive and well.

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