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Thursday, May 10, 2012

bashful tinklers provide windfall for trial lawyers

In 2009, as a "thank you" to trial lawyers who helped him get elected, Obama dramatically expanded the "conditions" that are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act to include such idiotic things as Bashful Bladder Syndrome.

Self-important psychiatrists live to describe new conditions of patients, then name them syndromes. It gets them on the cover of Psychology Today, allows them to charge higher rates, and gets them a prime speaking slot at the next head-shrinkers conference.

But inventing new psychological conditions to describe people who are just weird is how they validate their kooky profession. Politicians gain from this because they can pretend to give a shit about these "patients" and pass legislation to help them. When the ADA gets involved, trial lawyers gain because it's a whole new arena of way to extort money from employers on behalf of a put-upon employee who feels disrespected somehow.

With the newly defined "bashful bladder syndrome", in no time, employees will be lying about their inability to pee in front of the drug-control officers and fellow workers, lawyers will line up to sue the employer for not providing a non-hostile work environment, and juries will award fellow citizens millions for being embarrassed.

The cost of compliance by providing private bathrooms for all employees nationwide is estimated to be in the $600,000,000 range. Clearly many employees will lose jobs because of this. But unemployed, dependent voters helps democrats too, so that's a win-win for them....though a total loss for employers no matter how you look at it.

Now, as intimidating urination goes, this bathroom might give me a reason to pause and concentrate.....

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