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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dr. Shakil Afridi gets stabbed in the back by Obama

Pictured with the late Osama bin Laden is Dr. Shakil Afridi, bin Laden's doctor. He is credited with invaluable help in locating bin Laden in the days and weeks leading up to SEAL-6 killing him. Now the infuriated Pakistani's have convicted him of treason for helping the US and sentenced him to 33 years in prison....of which he'll certainly do no more than 3 months before somebody kills him. Though they knew where he was all along, Pakistan felt humiliated when the SEALs entered their country and killed their hero bin Laden right under their noses.

 Yet Obama barely has a comment as he's too busy squeezing Hollywood dingbats for campaign cash to worry about it. The State Department or DOD has not even said more than they think it was a "mistake" to imprison Afridi. Is this how we treat those who help us abroad? How can the US ever expect to get people in other countries to assist us when we let this sort of thing happen with barely a comment?

Despite the obvious hostility throughout Pakistan toward the US, Obama continues to funnel tens of millions in money seized from taxpayers to that drug-addled nation, for what? Good will? Help in the GWOT? A move toward democracy? They hate the US and as a Muslim country, they always will.

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