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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Obama crony Elizabeth Warren caught in a big lie

Obama crony Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate seat currently held by Scott Brown in Mass. (The democrat party is still seething at the thought that a republican, albeit a RINO republican, is holding the seat occupied by Ted Kennedy.) Warren is a faculty member at Harvard where she laughably holds a minority position reserved for Native Americans.

It turns out that if she's got any Native American blood in her, it's only 1/32 of her DNA. By that standard we'd all qualify as minorities.

Lacking any real qualifications and relying purely on academic theory, democrats love to claim treasured minority status for themselves. They feel it gives them special status and influence with actual minorities. This is because democrats see minority voters as stupid, incompetent, and easily convinced of what's good for them by someone like them who assumes that authority.....someone like Warren. Fortunately, her lie was exposed and even Native Americans are outraged that somebody with only 1/32 Indian blood would use it to claim a minority position at Harvard.

Looks like Scott Brown's seat is safe for another term.

H/T to GatewayPundit for the picture.

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Anonymous said...

This is not only not true, but a non-issue. Scott Brown has a piss poor voting record - Against most hard-working, tax-paying Americans. Brown doesn't give a damn about the people. Brown cares only the corporations. This makes him a Fascist. Wasn't WWII fought to defeat Fascism? Do the research.