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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rather than teach better, Florida just lowers the standards

If you're an overpaid, education bureaucrat in Florida and a large number of high-school students fail the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test in order to graduate, do you.....

A) change the curriculum to address the shortfalls?
B) hire more-qualified instructors?
C) offer test-prep classes after hours for students who need the help?

or D), do what Florida did, just lower the passing grade so that 80% are now passing and fit nicely onto the bell curve? Of course Florida's teachers will now be crowing about what great educators they are and the union will demand bonuses.

This is what's wrong with government education in this country.

Why don't we raise the time required in the Olympics to win a gold medal in the mile to 6 minutes? That way everybody wins a gold medal and their self esteem remains intact.

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