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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Martin Bashir is an idiot

We predict fawning, sycophantic coverage of the Obama's from MSNBC. It's what they do. But you'd think they'd try to get right, simple non-political facts in their reporting. Martin Bashir had this to say about Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign.....

From Newsbusters -- Martin Bashir: Michelle Obama's Anti-Obesity Campaign Based on Warnings From 'Obstetricians'

Obstetricians provide care for pregnant women, their babies prenatally, and the reproductive organs of the mothers in general. They do not provide nutritional guidelines for the diets of children. Bashir clearly made that up in order to lend credibility to Michelle Obama's campaign and for that he is a dunce. 

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Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney belongs in the other corner. Misspelling "America"? Really?