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Monday, May 14, 2012

Atlanta traffic takes a turn for the ironic

If any of you live near or have visited Atlanta, you're aware of the horrible traffic from the north down 75, 85, and 400 into the city. To relieve some of the pressure, brilliant transportation authorities decided to open up the emergency lanes during rush hour....with predictable results.

A friend told me today about a wreck on the first day of the new policy, when in the mass confusion, an emergency lane ended abruptly and somebody slammed into a guard rail.

I hope nobody was hurt, but that's just plain, hilarious irony. The open emergency lanes cause a crash to which the ambulance cannot respond in the emergency lanes....heh heh. Idiots!


David said...

Fools! I've hear/read about this but not experienced it first hand. The results are not surprising. The expectations of the modern driver are so low that driving is considered a right not a privilege so you get what you pay for.

I renewed my drivers license a few years ago using noting my "veteran" status and they issued me a free license which didn't expire until 2028! The licensing is block-filler and, I suppose, a way to raise modest amount of money. I think the current fee is $20. Again when everyone can afford it, then everyone is special, and therefore no one is. This is the concept of lowest-common-denominator applied to driving. No wonder drivers and terrible and driving dangerous. Just think if flying an airplane was a right!

David said...

2028? Really? No concern about my ability to drive? No test? Nothing? Not even a fee for me. Laughable.

Ed said...

Wait a minute....veterans get free licenses?