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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birmingham police beat some guy.....great, that's all we need

Check out this idiot in my home town of Birmingham who tries to run over a cop and then gets his ass kicked when he finally gets ejected from his rolling minivan...

I never mind seeing a criminal get what's coming to him from the cops, but there's just one problem. The dude was unconscious when he received his much deserved beating. What's the fun of beating a criminal who just tried to kill you when he doesn't know he's being beaten? According to the story, 5 cops got fired for this beating, which I can't argue with. I just hope all the cops weren't white. That cop at the end who runs back toward the cruiser was coming to turn off the dashboard camera, so any subsequent beatings were not filmed.

I'm sure there'll be a law suit and the city will wind up paying this dude a couple hundred thou for getting his ass kicked. Plus the national media will run the story in the context of our historical police violence against blacks, claiming that racial prejudice is alive and well in Birmingham....perfect!

Hat tip to Carol Robinson - The Birmingham News


Tracie said...

Aww - A shame for that helpless man...

I think certain people form a bond with co-workers because of the nature of their work. If you see some jerk pick off one of your guys, you'd get more than a little miffed. I think adrenaline has a lot to do with it too .
I bet they were disappointed when they realized the guy was out of it.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the B'ham police were too damn stupid to turn off the camera. Why was LaLa on the news talking about it? Hasn't he been fired yet?

ed said...

anon, I think he's still finalizing his plan to get the 2020Olympics and build an aquarium bigger than Atlanta's.