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Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's Ann Coulter Thursday!

This week Ann eulogizes Sen. Jesse Helms for the great conservative he was. The NYT eulogized him as a mean-spirited, racist hate-monger because of the great conservative he was. You can go here and read it.


David said...

I swear this photograph - a rare profile shot - has been retouched to eliminate "her" Adam's Apple. If you look closely you can see where someone has used the smudge tool on her neck.

Nice muffin top though, not overbearing but just enough, a hint, to be sexy, to divert the eyes from the neck.

Ed said...

I swear David, if I didn't have prior knowledge of your tastes in women, I'd think you had a thing for Ann. Nobody can single out a person of the opposite sex to mock the way you do AC, and not harbor some sort of latent crush.

But you're right, the glimpse of hip is alluring.

David said...

Good clean fun, Ed.

You DO know I'm an instigator!

Ed said...

That you are, my friend. It's what I love about you.