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Friday, July 11, 2008

How much for that doggie in the window?

I know China is trying to put the best face it can on oppressive communism, for the world and the upcoming Olympics. By silencing political dissidents, threatening sweat-shop laborers with certain death if they squeal about inhumane working conditions, and imprisoning any and all critics of the government, they've pretty much cleaned up the appearance of communism. But, this has got to be the smartest of all their efforts....

China has ordered dog meat to be taken off the menu at its 112 official Olympic restaurants in order to avoid offending foreign visitors.
Restaurant workers are advised to "patiently" suggest other options to diners who order dog.

Yeah, not offering dog meat to thousands of visitors to China who treasure and value dogs as friends, pets, and family members is probably a good idea. I'm sure foreigners will gladly look right past the religious persecution, slave labor, and numerous human-rights atrocities as long as there's no dog on the menu.


Kevin said...

I actually think this is ridiculous. China, big communists, are actually going to try and appease foreigners? This would be like asking restaurants to take beef off of the menu because some Indians are coming to visit America.

Bobby T said...

I just know that when order my sheltie with fries, I want the damn dog deep fried, Tastes like chicken. This is completely ludicrous. If you put the Olympics or anything for that matter in China or anywhere else,, it should be to experience the culture, food politics, sights etc. Dog is served in many countries. What is this supposed to accomplish.I thought the Olympics were about athletic competition, not about the millions of fans that show up and invest miliions of "yen" into a sagging economy. Sorry for the ideallic thought. Of course its about money. Take off dog and open 6 McDonalds - all will be good

Ed said...

I can't think of any industrialized, first-world countries who serve dog, Bobby. Those are the countries to whom the Red Chinese want to ingratiate themselves through the Olympics, and putting their backwards, third-world dining habits on display for the world to see would not aid that cause. China wants desperately to join the industrialized nations big-boys club and this is their chance to make their argument. I don't blame them, eating dog is probably more disgusting than child-brothels in Bangkok to most people, and they don't want westerners with whom they want to do business thinking badly of them.

Robert Underwood said...

Italy, Spain, And Germany to name 3 industrialized nations that serve nFido at meat markets. Now put on your food critic pants and walk down that path..... (koodos to coke zero)

By the way, I've been served and eaten it in all three. RJU

ed said...

Seriously? Germans I believe, but what's up with the Spanish and Italians eating dogs? Are you sure?

Carlos said...

Hmm... No wonder my spaghetti tasted weird last night...

Ed said...

Hey Robert, I get trying dog once, I mean in the spirit of "when in Rome" and all, and even twice just to be open-minded, but you ate dog three times? On purpose? Dude, I think you developed a taste for the canine burger. So, which species tastes best? I'm guessing Dachshund. I mean they don't call it weiner dog for nothing. Was it nicely marbled or sort of grizzled and wild tasting? Did you eat him on a bun, a kabob, or as a nice bacon-wrapped filet? What does one pay for a pound of dog in Europe?

Kevin said...

Rob, did you eat him in a box? With a Fox?

Ed said...

Robert Underwood said:

I did not eat him in a box
Though he tasted just like lox

I ate him cooked up in a stew
And washed it down with German brew

But in Italy, like Ravioli
And in Spain, a nice frijoli

Dog's the continental food
The Chinese are being awfully rude

I know that it would make me smile
To dine on dog, Scheshuan style

Maybe with some fried up rice
And wontons, man, that'd be real nice

So to you dorks who think I'm crass
You can all just kiss my @ss

I'm glad I tried the dog, I am
I'm glad I tried him, Rob I am