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Thursday, July 02, 2015

The Stones still rolling

Dianne and I caught the Stones last night with some good friends at Carter-Finley stadium in Raleigh. Pretty decent show for a stage full of septuagenarians. Mick's still got it, though.


Bill said...

So, Ed, do you like Raliegh better than Atlanta (June 9th)? My sister and her husband went; not I.

Hurt feelings here!

Ed said...

Bill, we had to drive through Atlanta on 85 to get up here and the traffic in Atlanta killed our ETA, it was ridiculous from like Six Flags all the way to the Duluth/Lake? exit.

Raleigh is not unlike B'ham as to size and gentrification initiatives. Atlanta has just gotten too big and traffic too big of a pain in the ass.

Bill said...

So it was easier to drive though Atlanta and on to Raleigh? Come on!

You could have helped re-turf Grant Field with Rolling Stones insurance money.

Ed said...

My iPhone GPS chose the I-85 route, but we could have gone I-20 to Columbia, then north. I just didn't expect to hit a continuous traffic jam in Atlanta on a Monday afternoon.

Dacid said...

Atlanta IS a continuous traffic jam!