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Monday, July 27, 2015

Poisonous, aggressive snakes and selfies don't go together

Moron Todd Fassler of San Diego, found a rattle snake and decided, with very predictable results, to take a selfie with it to memoralize the occasion.
As we learned last week with that Mississippi woman at Yellowstone and the bison attack, wild animals don't like human selfies.
Todd's 5 day hospital stay cost him $153,000, $83,000 of which was labelled "pharmacy", as keeping him un-dead depleted all the antivenom in two area hospitals.
How many more example of selfie-stupidity to we have to hear about to convince people that memoralizing every life event, no matter how boring, stupid, or dangerous, take precedence over all other human activity.....activity such as staying a safe distance from rattlesnakes and bison?
Todd Fassler should have been given a reasonable dose-series of antivenom and then allowed to die. Now if anybody else in the greater San Diego metro area gets bitten, through no fault of their own, they will probably die.
People, wild animals don't like dumb humans taking their pictures.....stop it already.

Thanks to regular reader Dave for the heads up.


Bill said...

I agree except for the anti-venom. Letting somebody die to keep a theoretical future need supplied would be unethical.

I hope his insurance company sticks it to him as much as possible.

Ed said...

I'm clearly more of a live-and-let-die kind of guy. Ethically and legally doctors have to save even the miserably stupid, but logically, why waste very precious resources on a moron who'll probably find some other way to kill himself soon?