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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 31, 2015

It's hot in Iran

Heh heh, the heat index in Iran yesterday reached a scorching 163F(115F actual temp with 90% humidity). There's not enough contraband R-22 left in the world to cool down that God-forsaken cesspool of zealotry and tyranny.
Good luck with that fellas, better have your wives wave those palm fronds around a little faster......that is if you can find any who aren't dead from heat stroke from wearing those ridiculous hijabs in this weather.


Bill said...

I heard yesterday that mandatory holidays were declared in Iraq for an unusual heat wave. I have been there this time of year. My personal attitude was 115F and under was fine, 115-120F was tough, and it once hit 125F. I have a hard time imagining what it would take to call it unusually bad!

It seems region wide; I have heard Pakistan mentioned also.

Ed said...

I was in Montgomery doing traffic studies this week and the heat index was like 106. I can't even imagine what 163 feels like.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

What is the heat index up on Mount Olympus where you and the other eleven Olympians live, Ed?

Ed said...

Heh heh, it's breezy and a crisp 73, perfect for judging the little people below as we snack on ambrosia and honey. ;-)

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