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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Naked Prey"....an apt punishment for trophy hunters

A Minnesota dentist who's famous for trophy hunting, has been accused by The Telegraph of illegally paying $50,000 to lure with bait, Cecil the lion off the Zimbabwe preserve where he lived, shoot him with a bow and arrow, stalk him for 40 hours while injured, then finally killing him with a rifle.

Arrests have already been made in Zimbabwe and a officials may issue a poaching warrant for Palmer's arrest if he ever comes back to that part of the world.

Trophy hunting is beyond disgusting, especially taking a majestic lion like this one who is the leader of his pride, all so this asshole dentist can what, feel manly? What a douche!

If this is true, I hope he loses his practice. Maybe a lot of his patients feel the same way.


Bill said...

Zimbabwe competes with North Korea for the title "Hell on Earth." For a country that surely depends on trophy hunting for what little hard currency they have to say, "this is too much" says a lot.

Ed said...

And I'm not a rabid animal rights nut either. Hunting has its purposes with deer overpopulations here in the states, but there isn't the same "animal management" issue for lions in the wild in Africa.

Bill said...

It's kind of sad that this story generates world wide outrage and even death threats against this guy while Planned Butcherhood rolls right along, protected by a media phalanx.

David said...

I suppose the stuffed lion head will garnish the dentist's office?

Bill said...

I suppose it's worth noting that hunting, including trophy hunting, is the major funding source for wildlife conservation worldwide. The old saying is, "if it pays, it stays." Meaning landowners will conserve valuable animals.

The idiotic ban on ivory has only made it more valuable and led to faster poaching of elephants. The government even destroys hundred year old ivory, making what's left more valuable.

This case is not proper hunting!

Ed said...

Yeah the revenue for the legal hunts is largely what pays for the conservation efforts for the other lions. What I object to is the luring of this known lion off his preserve, then killing it knowing it is not a normal cat because of the large tracking collar. If he shot it with a crossbow, there's no way he didn't see the collar.

But I agree that there are far more important stories to be following, but 99% of the media are rabidly pro-abortion and will not cover a story that casts PP in a bad light. The lion story is easy and a welcome distraction.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood is a lawful business. Big difference, dummy.

Ed said...

Lawful anon? Performing abortion procedures in ways that preserve pre-sold baby parts is illegal you idiot. That's why it's a story, not because they perform abortions.