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Friday, July 17, 2015

Dangerous pet kills owner.......story #2,348

It is axiomatic that a bite from one of the most venemous snakes on the planet can surely kill you. 18 year old Grant Thompson of Texas learned this the hard way when he allowed a Monocled Cobra like this one to get loose in his car and of course it bit him.
Needless to say, Mr Thompson has assumed room temperature, hopefully before he had the chance to knock up any girls who'll give birth to any genetically dumb kids.
Why people keep deadly reptiles as pets continues to elude me. You are not their friend, you are either a predator or food......neither will end well for you.


Bill said...

Assuming you had some strong need to own this killer, wouldn't obtaining a supply of anti-venom for emergency use be prudent?

Ed said...

The amygdala(responsible for risk assessment) isn't fully formed in teens and young adults. We know this by examining actuarial tables of insurance companies. This is why car insurance rates go down at age 26, that's when the amygdala is as fully formed as it's going to be.

This phenomenon has evolutionary advantages.....if we were still cavemen, but immaturity in our early twenties is generally a bad thing.

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