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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Too little, too late?

Well, here we go back to iraq. The US is deploying 450 guys to train (and by train of course I mean re-train) the same Iraqi soldiers who were too afraid of ISIS to put up a fight when ISIS said "BOO"!

Does Obama have a plan for when some of these Americans get killed when ISIS inevitably attacks them?

It's too late to train Iraqi's to fight, if you even can. ISIS is moving toward Baghdad while we set up class rooms to teach military theory to people who don't get it.

If we are going to fight ISIS, then bring the full weight of the US military on them at their next parade, which they have regularly, if the news is accurate. Either fight them or don't, there is no goading terrified Iraqi soldiers in the back with a sharp stick. We delivered them from Saddam Hussein, so we are responsible for what happens to them.

I predict that there is nothing we can do to deter ISIS short of a full re-invasion of Iraq and another 10 years running around the desert digging them out of holes. If there's a more effective strategy, I haven't heard it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against that, but if we're going to engage them on any level, why not go ahead and kill them?


Dacid said...

Yes Ed, it is digital (binary) not analog: kill or not. Pussyfooting is failure and a costly one at that.

Bijl said...

I agree, Dacid.

Anonymous said...

First, Iraq doesn't exist anymore. All of the hard work done wooing the Sunni tribes by Petreaus was destroyed when Barry stood by and watched Malaki purge all Sunni's from the Iraqi government. The Sunni's will never trust the Iranian puppets in Baghdad again. It looks like Joe Biden was right all along. (Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while) We should just help the Sunnis and Kurds form their own country and push ISIS out of northern Iraq and Northern Syria. Arm them to the max and let them take the land from ISIS or die trying.