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Friday, June 12, 2015

Has anybody read the TPA bill going before congress?

Does anybody have the real 411 on the TPA(Trade Promotion Authority) bill that will be voted on today? I heard Paul Ryan swearing to Greta that it'll give Congress veto authority on any deal the executive branch wants to broker, but then I hear Jeff Sessions (R) AL. say the bill gives far too much trade authority to the executive branch, eliminating most legislative oversight. Which is it?
Apparently congress-critters aren't allowed to read the bill except in a locked room by themselves and cannot share copies with their staff prior to the vote. Why the cloak-and-dagger shadiness? That alone makes me think it's a bad idea. 
Plus, if Obama is for it and big businesses are for it (big business has establishment republicans like Ryan in their back pockets) that probably means still more manufacturing jobs going to third-world countries along with increased importation of cheap laborers to this country......both feature prominently in Obama's "fundamental transformation" dreams for America. 
The fact that establishment republicans are fast-tracking this before anybody can read it makes me suspicious. I'd actually like to hear what Trump thinks. Say what you want about him, he would put US interests top priority in any trade deals. 


Bill said...

There is such lack of understanding of TPA (inflamed by Drudge headlines). It merely assures that a trade agreement negotiated by an administration must receive an up or down vote without amendments. A moment's thought will realize that amending a multi-national treaty sends it back to the table, thus killing it. This is what Big Labor fears like Dracula fears the cross - they loathe free trade.

If Obama comes back with some BS treaty, the Republican Congress can kill it with a simple majority vote. Everyone will be able to read the agreement before voting.

This vote is like authorizing your legal team to negotiate a settlement that you must later approve. Every president has had such authority in the past. Obama may be gone before this TPP is finalized.

Bill said...

It's been so funny for congressional Dems to learn first hand just how Obama rolls. They're just fine when he accuses Republicans of malign motives; voting as they do for campaign contributions; not understanding the issues; etc. Now they get to see this petulant narcissist turn his "charm" their way. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Given the Obama administration's stellar record in negotiating with Iran and Cuba, I don't know what you are worried about Ed.