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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 19, 2015

More gun control

It appears that Obama's relentless stoking of racial resentment by painting all whites as closet racists, or at least the unapologetic benefactors of past racism, and black thugs as noble, oppressed saints, he and the rabidly anti-gun media have finally gotten the story they've been wanting. A white-power maniac used a legally purchased gun to slaughter 9 innocent blacks in church. 

I'm not sure what the executive branch can do toward gun-control, but rest assured the pressure will be applied for far stricter laws, banking on the guilt of white congress-critters who'll cave to him for political purposes. 

The dream perp for the gun-control left.......


Bill said...

Is anything more predictable, Ed?

Of course none of the laws proposed would have done anything to prevent this. The church in question bans guns from their premises. This of course means that a law abiding citizen will not take a gun inside. Duh!

An anti 2nd Amendment guest on Megan Kelly gave the game away last night when she praised the "reforms" in Australia. These reforms were confiscation and destruction of legally owned guns. Want to see a real war in the U. S.? Try that.

Megan does something I wish the media would all do - she refuses to say the murderer's name or show his face. Most of these people openly crave infamy and we should deny it to them.

Anonymous said...

Watch for the new false narrative from the left. If you deny all of our crazy claims about racism in America, it only proves you are racist. It has been extremely effective for them in the climate change debate. Calling someone a climate change denier just gives liberals the excuse they need not to look at uncomfortable data that does not support them on the issue. The same will be true on race. Is racial discrimination the largest problem facing blacks in America today? Not by a long shot. I would rank it number 46 out of 50 problems. Illegitimacy and poor educational performance will certainly rank as 1 and 2. And can the government ever stamp out 100% of racism? Not if we want to remain a free country.

Bill said...

Good points, Anon. I would add that being accused of racism only works against people who are not racists. Go back 60 years and accuse some Klansman in Mississippi of being a racist and he'll look at you like you're insane. He was proud to be racist!

Accuse some well meaning white liberal today of being a racist, and he'll grovel and beg you to forgive him.

Ed said...

Well reasoned comments, both of you.