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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hey dumb, entitled fast-food slobs, meet your replacements

Several states have increased their minimum wage to a ridiculous $15/hour and others have gone to $10.10/hour. How is a company like McDonald's, who hires about 1 million entry-level workers a year, going to deal with this? By firing all the morons who stood outside their employer's place of business demanding with picket signs to be paid far more than their piddling jobs washing lettuce is worth to the company, and replacing them permanently with tireless kiosks like the ones in this McD's in Littleton, CO.

Unlike impudent, laze teenagers, kiosks never make mistakes, always come to work on time, never complain or spill anything, and don't exhibit poor attitudes when dealing with customers. These kiosks will pay for themselves in a matter of weeks or months and those millions of teens who could have used the work experience to learn diligence, promptness, responsibility, job skills, and how to dress like an adult, will now have to schlepp for work elsewhere if they bother even to do that.

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Bill said...

Great plan by the left. Close off the opportunities to learn work habits one by one; create a generation of dependence; vote Democrat forever. Oh, who will pay the taxes?