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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Law enforcement busts lemonade stands while the border burns down

In Overton, TX, you have to get a permit to serve anything that could grow bacteria at room temperature.....this rule is designed for restaurants, food trucks, etc, but absurdly it includes front-yard lemonade stands. The permit-enforcement officer rolled up on these two girls and basically shut them down because their parents had failed to buy a "peddler's permit" at a price of $150 from the city, plus have the health department inspect the lemonade mixing process, and he saw it as a health hazard.
Yet Texas law enforcement looks the other way as tens of thousands of indigent Mexicans waltz across the border, bringing with them numerous third-world diseases that were once eradicated in the US.
Does this make any sense to anybody? What a silly, kindergarten country we live in.


Bill said...

I completely agree about the stupidity of this and similar "lemonade stand busts" around the country.

However, hasn't Texas done as much as possible to secure their border absent federal cooperation? Rick Perry called up the TNG at state expense and has publicly patrolled the Rio Grande with state patrol boats. Texas is the lead plaintiff in the currently successful suit against executive amnesty under former AG and current governor Greg Abbott.

I don't think the problem is with the state re the border.

Ed said...

I've heard that a lot of the ranchers at the border constantly run into problems when these people come onto their property to get water. Texas as a huge border with Mexico and the border patrol aren't allowed, by the Obama administration, to do their jobs.

I realize it's not the same law enforcement guys busting lemonade stands instead of busting illegals, but that we as a country wasting resources on crap like that while the illegal problem is 1000 times more dire and harmful, is idiocy.

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