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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 15, 2015

By pretending to be black, Rachel Dolezal may ruin it for authentic blacks

The race grievance industry would't be as wildly successful as it is if not for the abyss-like depth of the white-guilt well. And blacks and other minorities have been taught for generations by smug, white liberals that they are unable to make it on their own and need the help of white benefactors to survive. Now it seems, whites have figured out how to take advantage of the race-grievance scam.

Apparently if you want to avail yourself of the panapoly of privileges that our society generously bestows upon minorities, then all you have to do is announce that today, you feel black......oh, and it might help if you kink your hair up and keep a fake tan like black fetishist Rachel Dolezal did to sell her charade.

This does not bode well for programs like affirmative action and governmnet race quotas because if everybody can pretend to be black the way Bruce Jenner pretends to be a chick, then authentic blacks are no longer special.

Remember, if every one is special, no one is special.


Bill said...

You're not all in for the new "normal" Ed, where men and be women, any number of folks can marry any other folks of any gender identity, and only liberals can be authentic African Americans?

Now for a real "outrage" let somebody like Dr. Ben Carson claim to be authentic! Rush doesn't call it the NAALCP for nothing.

Ed said...

If blacks are going to allow guilty whites to pretend to be black, that'll throw a monkey wrench into the whole race hustle.

The hilarious part is that these blacks don't have an inkling as to the irony of this self-defeating turn.

Guilty whites pretending to be black, in order to help blacks, end up eradicating blackness by appropriating for themselves, the privileges that come with it......you can't write comedy like that.

Bill said...

From what little has come through my ignore filter, this gal comes from a weird and dysfunctional family. There's a lot going on here.

Ed said...

I think I read where her parents adopted a couple of black kids so she has black "siblings" and she married and then divorced a black guy and maybe has a bi-racial kid, but none of that excuses lying on an employment form for a job or lying to get into a school as an affirmative action student.

Bill said...

The government should get out of the race business. We've gotten worse than South Africa under apartheid with all our exquisite classifications. If some private group wants this woman they are welcome to her.

Yet, those who echo the old civil rights call for a colorblind society are called racists. Orwell time!

Ed said...

Janet Napolitano as head of the University of California listed the things that you can no longer say becasue they are racist. Among them is the statement, "When I look at you I don't see color."

Preposterously, this statement by a cracker denies the racial experiences of the offended person of color and suggests that he or she assimilate into the white collective.

Have you ever heard more bullshit come out of one mouth in your life?

Bill said...

Racism is the new progressive ideology. But, they would say it's "good" racism.