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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What happens in the men's room.......

So I just had an unnerving, StarWars experience......in the men's room, and it's not what you people think, get your minds out of the gutter.
I depart the stall to find two fully armed police officers with flack jackets and helmets staring at me suspiciously. Without being told "freeze scumbag!" I freeze anyway and as innocently as possible ask, "Can I help you fellas?"
After a second they visibly relax, look at each other and the one closest to me says, "He's not the guy we're looking for", and they head back out the door.
The only possible explanation is that I subconsciously used a Jedi mind-trick on them. Less likely is that there's a suspicious intruder in the building, they were called to find him, and they thought I might have been him, hiding in the bathroom.
I'm going with the Jedi mind-trick.

I would have been more cooperative if she had stormed the bathroom..... 


David said...

Ed was this in the bldg where you work? Do you have any colleagues who are also practical jokers?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

This policewoman gives new (and delightful) meaning to the term "vice cop."

Ed said...

David, I work on the ground floor of my 12-story building which is obviously in an urban area. There are people not associated with the university all over the place...and sometimes they come into our buildings and look for purses in the bottom drawers of filing cabinets....the typical hiding place for purses.

So there was a reported intruder and typically they hide in the bathroom pretending to use the facilities so nobody will bother them. That's why they were waiting for me.

I never heard if they caught the guy or not.