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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Obama and ISIS

When Ronald Reagan unwisely trained and funded the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to resist the Russians, he never thought they would eventually morph into the Taliban and Al Qaeda and turn against us with the same money, weapons, and expertise we gave them. 

25 years later, you'd think Obama would be able to resist stepping on that very same rake, but you'd be wrong. As recently as June, Obama was still requesting $500 Billion to fund the ISIS terrorists...I mean rebels, to resist Bashar al-Assad in Syria......that is after our CIA funded, trained, and armed them in Jordan.

Now they too have turned against us and are committing atrocities with our money, weapons, and battlefield expertise, yet in combating terrorism, Obama seems oblivious to his direct, ironic role in the creation of the world's worst terrorist group.

 With a hat tip to Moonbattery.

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david said...

My expectations are set to "stun" for tonight's strategy roll-out.