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Monday, September 22, 2014

California schools plunge the depths of madness

In the tyrannical abyss of insanity known as California, a student cannot even share his lunch with a friend without receiving detention. An 8th grader shared his burrito with a friend because the disgusting cheese sandwich his friend got was too disgusting to eat.
So because a contagion of smarmy trial lawyers might sue the school if that kid happened to have allergies he didn't know about, and because drone-like education administrators cannot think for themselves, their zero-tolerance policy kicked in and the kid received detention for his "crime".
The one bright spot in this story other than he's nice to his friends, is that the kid resists the Orwellian notion that he was wrong to have defied the nonsensical rules and says that he'd do it again if the opportunity presented itself.
Good for you kid, resist the depraved madness that infests public education in America.
Wouldn't you rather have a burrito too? 

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