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Thursday, September 25, 2014

China's navy is like a baby duck in a pool with US Navy sharks

There are some reports trickling out of China that they believe with the US distracted, as always, in the middle east and with their own grandiose view of their naval power, China believes that they can engage in military action, maybe against Taiwan, and successfully keep the US from interfering.

Heh heh, not bloody likely. The US has 70 or so nuclear attack submarines, 33 of which are stations in the Pacific, the entire 7th Fleet stationed in Japan, and a handful of aircraft carriers in the Pacific at any given time.

There aren't 5 navies combined in the world who could stand up to the US Navy. If China thinks we aren't paying attention, or bizarrely thinks she's got a competent navy, let them try something with Taiwan and find out what being on the business end of raw naval power feels like.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"let them try something with Taiwan and find out what being on the business end of raw naval power feels like. "

When you wrote that line I bet you got tumescent. Come on, you can be honest with us, Ed. Nothing excites you quite as much as the U.S. opening up another war front, am I right?

Ed said...

Hardly, I just think China is a little big for their britches if they think they can go head to head with the US Navy.

Even Obama would protect Taiwan if China decided to re-absorb it. I am at least 90% certain of that......ahem, maybe 75% certain.

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