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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joblessness is OK in the age of hope and change

A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey showed that only 19.8% of people collecting unemployment checks actually looked for work on an average day, spending 2.5 hours doing so when they did it, while 40.8% spent time shopping.
But 96,7% of the unemployed admitted to spending time "socializing, relaxing, and on leisure activities", spending 5.98 hours doing so.....more than twice what they spent job hunting.
The chronically unemployed also reported that they got 9.76 hours of sleep each night, which is roughly 50% more than I get working my two jobs.
In the age of hope and change, it's good to be unemployed apparently.....not so much for those of us paying for their lives of idle leisure.

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