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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Muslim are natural criminals

Noryway deported over 5,000 foreigners last year as a new way to fight crime. That's a 31% increase from 2012. The chief nationalities of those deported are Nigerians, Afghans, Moroccans, and Iraqi's and the chief religion of those deported is Muslim.

It would seem that the Norwegians have figured out that importing peasants, supporting them as wards of the state, and allowing them to not assimilate to Norwegian culture, is inviting their criminal behavior, and they've had enough of it.

Good for the Norwegians. Surely the other countries who've graciously, and ignorantly, I mean if we're being honest, imported Muslims into their country to show how accepting and open-hearted they are, will follow Norway's lead and start to repatriate the criminally minded Muslims who are essentially squatting in their countries. No doubt the US will never do this as we are too far gone down the path of self-loathing, self-destruction, and moonbattery to stop now.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Following your line of reasoning, incorporating the information below, and generalizing from the few to the many as you frequently do with Muslims, do you think you ought to post a blog entry entitled "Jews are natural criminals," Ed?

109 Locations whence Jews have been expelled since AD250

250 -Carthage
415 -Alexandria
554 -Diocèse of Clermont (France)
561 -Diocèse of Uzès (France)
612 -Visigoth Spain
642 -Visigoth Empire
855 -Italy
876 -Sens
1012 -Mainz
1182 -France
1182 -Germany
1276 -Upper Bavaria
1290 -England
1306 -France
1322 -France (again)
1348 -Switzerland
1349 -Hielbronn (Germany)
1349 -Saxony
1349 -Hungary
1360 -Hungary
1370 -Belgium
1380 -Slovakia
1388 -Strasbourg
1394 -Germany
1394 -France
1420 -Lyons
1421 -Austria
1424 -Fribourg
1424 -Zurich
1424 -Cologne
1432 -Savoy
1438 -Mainz
1439 -Augsburg
1442 -Netherlands
1444 -Netherlands
1446 -Bavaria
1453 -France
1453 -Breslau
1454 -Wurzburg
1462 -Mainz
1483 -Mainz
1484 -Warsaw
1485 -Vincenza (Italy)
1492 -Spain
1492 -Italy
1495 -Lithuania
1496 -Naples
1496 -Portugal
1498 -Nuremberg
1498 -Navarre
1510 -Brandenberg
1510 -Prussia
1514 -Strasbourg
1515 -Genoa
1519 -Regensburg
1533 -Naples
1541 -Naples
1542 -Prague & Bohemia
1550 -Genoa
1551 -Bavaria
1555 -Pesaro
1557 -Prague
1559 -Austria
1561 -Prague
1567 -Wurzburg
1569 -Papal States
1571 -Brandenburg
1582 -Netherlands
1582 -Hungary
1593 -Brandenburg, Austria
1597 -Cremona, Pavia & Lodi
1614 -Frankfort
1615 -Worms
1619 -Kiev
1648 -Ukraine
1648 -Poland
1649 -Hamburg
1654 -Little Russia (Beylorus)
1656 -Lithuania
1669 -Oran (North Africa)
1669 -Vienna
1670 -Vienna
1712 -Sandomir
1727 -Russia
1738 -Wurtemburg
1740 -Little Russia (Beylorus)
1744 -Prague, Bohemia
1744 -Slovakia
1744 -Livonia
1745 -Moravia
1753 -Kovad (Lithuania)
1761 -Bordeaux
1772 -Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia)
1775 -Warsaw
1789 -Alsace
1804 -Villages in Russia
1808 -Villages & Countrysides (Russia)
1815 -Lbeck & Bremen
1815 -Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria
1820 -Bremen
1843 -Russian Border Austria & Prussia
1862 -Areas in the U.S. under General Grant's Jurisdiction[1]
1866 -Galatz, Romania
1880s -Russia
1891 -Moscow
1919 -Bavaria (foreign born Jews)
1938-45 -Nazi Controlled Areas
1948 -Arab Countries

Ed said...

Apples and oranges my friend. Nations that last longer than a blink have at one time or another, been perceived as having committed atrocities against humanity.

Are you saying that everywhere Jews have gone in the world, the local crime rate has risen? Maybe the price and quality of precious gems perhaps, but not garden-variety, individual crime.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Is it your view that Jews were expelled en mass 109 times because they were more moral, more truthful, more honest and more fair than the general population of the respective countries?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...
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Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Excerpted from http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/

RE OP-ED: Anti-Semitism is a confirmation that the Jews are successfully fulfilling their mission of ‘the Chosen’

Editor’s note: No, this is not a joke, it is the real deal.
We run it here as yet another piece of evidence concerning the type of mental illness we are dealing with here when it comes to Jews, Judaism, and organized Jewish interests. As much as writers, polemicists, and others within the group constantly ask the question aloud ‘why are we so persecuted’, at the same time, they truly don’t want to hear the answer, and when forced to come up with some kind of ‘rational’ explanation as to why there has ALWAYS been this historically-documented backlash against them, the inevitable diagnosis is NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BAD, BUT RATHER BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GOOD.