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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Adrian Peterson with his kid

Everybody's got their panties in a bunch because the Vikes are paying Adrian Peterson his $12 Million salary for this year, despite being put on the "exempt" list....essentially he's suspended from all team activities after he severely beat both his kids with switches.
First, getting harshly disciplined with beatings is part of the African-American culture. That's right I said it, everybody knows it, and unless you live in a cave, you've witnessed it numerous times in public, cringing, unable to look away.
And second, unless he has a domestic violence exclusion in his contract, the Vikings are contractually obligated to pay him whether he plays or not.
I'm guessing every professional sports employment contract from now on will, and should have a domestic violence exclusion clause, but most of the current ones apparently do not.
The question is, is there a difference between Ray Rice knocking out his then fiance' with a punch to the head in a casino elevator, and Adrian Peterson switching his kid and leaving skin lacerations on his backside? Are both equally horrific examples of domestic violence? 
I say there's a difference, which is probably why Ray Rice isn't getting paid and Adrian Peterson is. 

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