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Monday, July 08, 2013

The war in Afghanistan isn't really about terrorism

This is Errol D.A. Millard. He graduated from Carver HS here in B'ham in 2012. He'd already been accepted to college but wanted to serve his country before going to school. That means he was 18 years old when an RPG-attack in God-forsaken Afghanistan killed him. 

Just once, I'd like to hear a convincing argument for our government's claimed anti-terrorist misadventures that justifies American kids being killed in Afghanistan. 

Don't get me wrong. Military service is terrific, but why are we wasting the lives of our young service men and women in a pointless fight, in a worthless country, on behalf of Godless savages?

The answer is simple, I think for strictly business reasons, the military/industrial complex needs us to be at war with somebody on a more or less permanent basis. Otherwise for/to whom are the American defense contractors going to develop and sell their weaponry? The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that our continuous state of war is only about combating terrorism in so far as the charade serves to placate the fearful American people. It's really about the bought-and-paid-for political class financially propping up the commercial/industrial defense industry using the specter of terrorism as a pretext. 

We've(the US) been at war for so long, it's become a big business, both in government and commercially. Those "businessmen" aren't about to let the golden goose stop laying taxpayer-funded eggs for them. When Afghanistan is finally over, and there's no timeline-certain on that, there'll be another middle east country to invade and millions more insurgents to kill, maybe in Iran or Syria or Egypt.....only the generals and CEO's know already. And when billions in defense contracts are at steak, the life of Errol D.A. Millard is meaningless and well worth the sacrifice. 


David said...

Ed, you are correct sir.

Ed said...

I hate to be this cynical about our military Dave, but nothing else makes sense. When you see the graft and corruption and lying in DC, why would the defense CEO's and top generals be any different?

It's axiomatic that people in power will do almost anything to retain that power and no lives sacrificed or lie told toward that goal is too big.

I hate that my patriotism has been diluted by cynicism, but I'd rather see things as they are and be pissed off, than see things as the government presents them to me for their own ends, and be an ignorant sheep.