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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Gigolo John Kerry confirms that he's an elitist snob

Let's say one of the world's political and military hot-spots, one of the US's largest recipients of foreign aid, the lynch pin nation for resisting extremist Islam, and perhaps the overall key to a stabilized middle east, is undergoing a military coup in which Muslim extremists are ousted from power, you'd think the US Secretary of State would be monitoring the situation from the state department, wouldn't you?

Well, not our Secretary of State. John Kerry was too busy tooling around Nantucket Sound on his multi-million dollar yacht that day to pay much attention.

It's reprehensible enough that Massachusetts routinely elects a man who made his fortune marrying rich widows so he can buy yachts with money earned by men far better than him, but to shirk your responsibilities  and go sailing instead of doing your job is unbelievable!

UPDATE: So I heard this morning the Kerry's wife Theresa is in critical condition and that her deteriorating health might be the reason he was in Nantucket during the coup in Egypt. If so, then I'll give him a pass on this one.

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