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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, July 01, 2013

Obama and McCain align the US with Al-Qaeda radicals

Want to know the kind of savages our so-called leaders are aligning the US in Syria? The rebels in northern Syria kidnapped and then beheaded a Catholic priest, Francois Murad as scores of men and boys watched and recorded the event on cell phones. Here is a link to the horrific, gruesome video of the whole thing. Be warned, it is extremely graphic!

These are the Al-Qaeda linked rebels with whom McCain, Obama, and other RINO's want to associate the US. But as long as it's just Christians getting beheaded, it's alright. When a Muslim gets a whif of something he doesn't like the smell of and claims is Sarin gas, we must intervene on his behalf.

Our foreign policy is idiotic. There are no good guys or petroleum assets to speak of in Syria so we have no business there.

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