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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family rescued by George Zimmerman shamefully refuses to acknowledge him publicly

What an embarrassing, shameful country this is where a thankful family rescued from their overturned car by George Zimmerman refuses to publicly say anything nice about him because they fear violent mob retaliation.

What an embarrassing, shameful media that refuses to report it because it doesn't fit into the tidy image they've falsely painted of Zimmerman as a deranged racist murderer. 

What an embarrassing, shameful justice system that cowed to the race hustlers who demanded prosecution just because they didn't like the respective skin colors of the shooter and the dead. 

And finally, what an embarrassing, shameful presidential administration that exploits the situation with race demagoguery by intentionally throwing gasoline on the fires of a ginned-up race mob with idiotic, "I was Trayvon" statements.

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