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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, July 19, 2013

Confirmation that government workers are not that bright

Overpaid worker drones at the Dept. of Labor received this e-mail yesterday regarding the outgoing secretary Hilda Solice....in part, "Remove the pictures of former Secretary Solis from your work spaces by noon this Friday, July 18, 2013."

Additionally, and I'm guessing this is because government workers generally aren't that bright, they were given instructions on how to not damage the frames when removing the picture and a number to call if they need assistance inserting the new secretary's picture, once one is confirmed by the Senate. 

Who keeps a picture of his/her boss in their cubicle? This reminds me of scenes from movies about Stalinist Russia or Maoist China. Must government workers be constantly reminded for whom they toil? 

I have an idea, why not remind these useless bureaucrats that is it taxpayers on whose backs their lavish salaries are funded, with this picture on every desk and in every cubicle?


David said...

I removed my copy.

Ironically The Coast Guard HQ at Ft. McNair here in D.C. Still has Janet Napolitano hanging in the hallway.

Ed said...

David, whose photo did you have in your office....and was it mandatory that you display it?

David said...

I have a photo of Gen Petraues and me...pre scandal.

David said...

Not mandatory and likely ill-advised.

Ed said...

Oh, I thought you had to have the CiC or JCS-Chairman or something. Personal stuff is different. And besides, the Patraeus scandal wasn't really a scandal as it didn't affect his job performance.