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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrance Ganaway's work ethic

Former Baylor Bear and current rookie running back for the St. Louis Rams Terrance Ganaway isn't squandering his off-season getting high, chasing skirts, hanging out in strip clubs, or funding the activities of his 30-man, dingle-berry posse from the neighborhood like typical rookies with newly-found money.

Terrance jokingly tweeted that he needed something to fill the time in the off-season to keep him out of trouble, and the owner of the Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Waco offered him a job....which Terrance graciously accepted. Now he schleps drinks, cuts meat, operates the register, and make sandwiches three nights a week. His reasoning is consistent with what responsible parents try to instill in their kids....discipline, delayed gratification, work ethic, long-term goal orientation, and I would add to that list: no matter how lowly the job seems, gainful employment is a virtue in and of itself and nobody is above working menial labor jobs.

Good for Terrance! If I played fantasy football, I'd pick him for my team on principle. I'll be watching his career from now on.

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