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Friday, February 01, 2013

Lisa Jackson, worst bureaucrat ever

Lisa Jackson might be worst non cabinet-level bureaucrat in US history. Under her reign of terror at the EPA, the verminous agency thugs have done more to damage the US economy, stifle production, and extort bogus fines from businesses than any EPA before her. And the absurd "cellulosic biofuels" mandate is no exception.

From FoxNews -- New standards announced by the Environmental Protection Agency require production of 14 million gallons of so-called cellulosic biofuels made from grasses and woody material. That's up from an 8.7 million-gallon requirement in 2012 -- when actual production was near zero.

It matters not to the bloated, maniacal Jackson that cellulosic biofuels don't even exist as a usable fuel supplement, she's legally allowed to extort ridiculous fines for non-compliance, so that's exactly what she'll do. 

The EPA needs to be shut down completely for one year, then re-opened as a part-time agency with 1/10th the budget.  

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