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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oregon's anti-gun overreach

Oregon House Bill 3200 reads like a prequel to George Orwell's scarily predictive "1984". Not only would it  dramatically raise the penalties for illegally being in possession of an assault rifle or large capacity magazine, it also forces you to, as a condition of ownership of such a weapon, allow an in-home inspection of your home by a federal thug to insure storage and safety compliance.

So to recap, if HB 3200 passes in Oregon, in order for a private citizen acting lawfully to exercise his/her 2nd amendment rights, they must first forfeit their 4th amendment rights to not be unreasonably searched or their property seized without a warrant authorized by a judge who has probably cause to sign such a warrant.

When otherwise lawful Americans submissively stand aside while jack-booted government thugs enter their homes for no other reason than they own a gun, then the America we read about in the history books no longer exists and whether it's worth fighting for comes into question.

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