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Friday, February 22, 2013

My other job is kind of demanding

Sorry for the light posting the last couple of days. I moonlight as a field technician with a traffic data company that performs traffic studies of intersections, signal timing, and we put those black tubes out that you run over sometimes....and no, they are not in communication with the police, but they do record your speed very accurately and can even determine what kind of car you're driving based on the inter-axle distance.

Anyway, I was in St. Tammany parish, Louisiana for the last three days doing traffic studies and just wrapped it up this morning.

On the 5 hour drive back, I cross the Pearl River(sadly not near the casino) and because of all the rain, it was totally flooded. Fortunately La. DOT had the forethought to elevate the interstate and I had no problems, but the houses and roads that I could see were almost completely under water. At one point, I saw the top half of a 15mph speed limit sign....the rest under muddy flowing water. YIKES!

But it's good to be back home and I'll be posting some more stuff over the weekend so check back when you get a chance.


david said...

Building in a flood zone is not recommended but it is encouraged. I think all of LA is in a flood zone. Glad your back.

Anonymous said...
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