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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, February 15, 2013

Laugh-line of the day from Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she opposes the sequestration cuts that would apply to congressional salaries because cutting legislators' pay would diminish the dignity of the job.


She quickly pointed out that the cuts would include staffers' pay, but she could make up the difference out of her budget. When cuts are necessary, democrats always point to police, teachers, and firemen as the first ones on the chopping block as if the thousands of absurdly over-paid administrative bureaucrats in government are too vital to be cut instead.

Citing police, teachers, and firemen, just as she's citing her staff, as victims of budget cuts is a craven tool democrats use to make the public feel guilty and panic about not letting them spend more money.

The dignity of the office......gimme a break!


david said...

Pelosi (and many others) diminish the dignity of the job. She is a fool and we are fools for electing her and allowing her to continue to "serve".

Ed said...

Amen to that.