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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pro golf replaces wrestling at Olympics

After the 2016 Olympics, wrestling will not be an Olympic sport. Instead golf, that's right GOLF, will take its place. And lest you think only amateur golfers will be competing, you know, for the love of the game, think again. All the pro's will make it their next PGA stop and it'll be every bit as boring as watching the Dream Team kicking the crap out of whatever third-world team they get to victimize next.

And I swear if I have to hear Costas hype the drama of a golf gold medal won by a bored US pro the way he does with the basketball team, I'll just stop watching altogether.

Tiger, Rory, and Phil don't give a damn about an Olympic gold medal. Nor should they. The Olympics would be less important to them than the golf majors, the TPC, or any tournament at Pebble Beach. Golf already has its Olympics.....it's called the Ryder Cup. It's the US against the world, which let's be honest, is what the Olympics amounts too anyway.

The Olympics is supposed to be about the world competing in sports that all the world enjoys, not just watching 125 privileged white guys with Q-cards plus Tiger doing what very few people around the world have ever done.

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