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Monday, February 25, 2013

God didn't cause the crash at Daytona

Unless you don't own a TV, no doubt you saw the horrific crash in the Nationwide Series crash Saturday at Daytona. Dozens of people were injured when tires, debris, and parts of one engine came flying into the stands. Luckily nobody died but many are still hospitalized and the need for safer fences coming off the turns(where crashes tend to happen most) at NASCAR races is now part of the national conversation.

This morning a local radio talk-show host here in Birmingham remarked thusly: "Well, sometimes God has interesting ways of making sure things get done that need to get done."

So, God cares so much about the turn-4 fence safety at Daytona that to bring this to the attention of track managers, he causes scores of fans to be injured, some critically? I've never heard anything so stupid. I get that people need to feel comforted by believing that bad events are part of a bigger "master plan" that is beyond their understanding. People are very childlike, but who could revere a God that randomly injures, kills, maims, infects, or otherwise harms people He loves just to make points? It makes no sense, even if you believe that there is a master plan.

Sure God is in control of all things, if he wants to be. What's more likely the case is that he passively allows all things to happen and then might use them for good. We humans have free will, and we have created for ourselves a very dangerous world where disease, injuries, horrific deaths both intentional and accidental, take place through no action of His.

God didn't create 195mph stock-car racing. We did that all by ourselves and accidents will happen, but that doesn't mean God caused this one in order to point out to Daytona officials that their fencing needs updating.

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