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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Are The World, a charity song written as a benefit for Africa, might have been the absolute worst song ever composed. It is nothing less than utterly unlistenable. So when a Virginia music teacher decided to remove the reference to God in that song, I found it difficult to manufacture much outrage over it. Why are children singing such an awful song anyway? And the video is worse because you have to see all these preening, rich musicians pretending to be emotional about the plight of starving Africans, as if very much of the proceeds of that song actually made it to the stomachs of starving children....which I doubt.

But it did let them go about their lives of idle luxury and conspicuous consumption, guilt-free while continuing to entertain the rest of us like the overpaid jesters they are.

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david said...

Yes that song is one that could have come from the bureaucracy know as GM...I think they make cars as well. What rubbish!