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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The guilty, white media love themselves a race war

This is Matthew Owens of Mobile, Al. He's in critical condition after getting the snot kicked out of him on his front porch in front of his sister by around 20 black men who as they walked away said, "Now that was justice for Trayvon".

By hyping the "Passion of Saint Skittles" story, the national media has the race war it wanted, just in time to help get Obama re-elected. With black interest in Obama waning, the media needed something to get them stirred up again. What better than a sensational hate-crime? Never mind that it wasn't.

Where's the breathless media to report on this the way they continue to report on the tragic, racial killing of 17 year-old Saint Skittles? The guilty, white media let minorities get away with pretty much anything because as minorities, they've certainly been put upon by white society and deserve to harbor resentment and hostility toward whites. And when whites fall victim to minority crime well, that's just the price for being in the oppressive majority.

H/T to Moonbattery for the clever and hilarious name "Passion of Saint Skittles".


ryan said...

Sometimes I wonder just "why" our media is the way it is. Why the elites are so self loathing that they drag the rest of us around and play games with, honestly, peoples lives.
-There's a question that will keep you up at night

Anonymous said...

This racist Alabama f*ck got just what he deserved. Oh, wait, I see you failed to mention to your readers that (1) He had a history of problems with his primarily black neighbors; and (2) He had an extensive criminal background, for numerous charges including domestic violence and public intoxication. Keep up the good work, you Republican douchebag. Oh, yeah... And brace yourself, because Obama will win AGAIN.

Ed said...

Anon, you are a useful idiot and a myopic tool. None of that is relevant. Nothing justifies 20 dudes beating almost to death one guy. How can you say he had it coming based on prior confrontations?

And for the record, I'm a libertarian, not a republican.