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Friday, April 27, 2012

New York women pretend to hate catcalling, but only if the guy isn't cute

This is about the dumbest waste of a politician's time I've ever heard....

From (CBSNewYork)The city is apparently working on a “catch a creep” app to help women combat forceful flirtation and other forms of street harassment.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Council Member Julissa Ferreras have reportedly set aside $20,000 to develop technology which would allow women to report catcalling cases and upload pictures from their smartphones of men engaged in the act.

Short of approaching you, following you, or doing anything else that can be interpreted as threatening, are you women so delicate that you can't take a construction worker giving you a compliment, albeit a crude compliment, but a compliment nonetheless without getting your panties in a bunch over it?

Grow up already! Though you'll never admit it, even to yourself, you enjoy the attention. The number one reply of women who were asked how they respond to catcalling was, "I ignore it unless he's really cute, then I smile or wave".

So it's not the catcalling that disgusts you, it's the appearance of the guy doing it. You women are so shallow....and transparent by the way.


Bill Lockhart said...

How would they define a "creep" or what is a violtion of "free speech" and how do you make it a crime to walk down the street. And isn't this a sexist law--can men do the same to women? I would want the ability to report a woman for doing something like this to me since I am definitely not interested. But it would be SO fun for a man to report it

Mortimer Ichabod Marker said...

I was led here after an internet search after watching Inside Edition last night. Lisa Guerrero (who is a few years past her expiration date now) did one of those "to catch a predator"-type hidden camera stories where they confront catcallers. The thing is they show the woman they used as bait getting dolled up in tight clothes and piling on makeup with a trowel. And she wasn't even that hot. I'd have still banged her though.

Anyway, on to the bigger point, women are exactly like men, they just won't admit it. Women love the attention or they wouldn't dress the way they do. Men only do catcalls because they work with high enough percentage that it is worthwhile.