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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids will always find another way to get high

As you know, stupid teenagers will do almost anything to get even slightly high for a few seconds. The idiotic things they'll do include huffing paint, sniffing glue, smoking salvia, inhaling nitrous oxide if they can get it, breathing Dust-OFF, playing the choking game....and that's in addition to the really, really stupid things like smoking crack, ecstasy, pain-killers, crystal meth, and all the rest.

Now they have discovered that the active ingredient in most hand sanitizers is 65% alcohol and they've figured out how separate out the soap from the booze with salt.

They're drinking it and dying of acute alcohol poisoning. The ones who've killed so many brain cells from previous drug use, and therefor aren't bright enough to get the alcohol out of the soap, are mixing it with alcoholic mouthwash to make it palatable.

I'm sorry, but if you are so desperate to get high, even for a few seconds or minutes, that you'll drink hand sanitizer, I find it difficult to dredge up much sympathy for your dumb ass when you end up in the ER. Perhaps it's better for society as a whole if you don't reproduce anyway. We have enough stupid genes in the pool as it is.

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