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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Teachers' union leadership parties while teachers suffer

Over at the National Education Association, the NSO(National Staff Organization), which consists of union bureaucrats who exist solely by extorting dues from underpaid teachers, decided to take a 7-day Mexican cruise odyssey to celebrate just how much money they had wrung out of teachers around the country.

Bureaucrats at all levels are known for being entirely out of touch with the people whose interests they pretend to care about. Taking a week-long cruise that rank-and-file teachers are paying for, while teachers are losing jobs like everybody else, puts on display the hamfisted carelessness of thug union leadership. I hope there is video evidence of their shenanigans to be shown to teachers around the nation. Perhaps teachers will start to see how the union doesn't represent them, the union represents themselves at teachers' expense.

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