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Monday, February 20, 2012

The celebritization of the news

CNN lightweight Soledad O'Brien and pompous ass Peirs Morgan were tapped to host a live news broadcast from Whitney Houston's funeral on Saturday. They entertained various celebrity twits including Jesse Jackson and Roberta Flack who bizarrely used the occasion to request "Obama fist-bumps" from the two "journalists". Predictably Soledad exclaimed, "absolutely" as she bumped Ms Flack.

Since when is any celebrity funeral worthy of an on-site, live television broadcast of a supposedly serious news show, even if nobody takes either journalist seriously? The sad, tragic story of Whitney Houston's life barely warranted coverage when she was at the top of her career, and we send anchor crews to host their shows from the street outside the funeral? She wasn't a head of state....good grief!

I realize that maybe they were just being polite to Ms Flack by returning her Obama fist bump and you wouldn't expect anything else from a couple of dim bulbs like O'Brien and Morgan, but what does it say about American political culture that it's expected that we canonize a tragic celebrity with fawning posthumous attention and somebody thinks it's appropriate to politicize the event? I doubt Ms Flack would have Obama fist-bumped a FoxNews team. Obviously she understands that CNN is pro-Obama.

What a decadent, misguided culture that exists in America today.....pathetic! 

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