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Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama/Bush comparison

Don't let the Obama spin machine get him elected again by blaming George Bush for the state of the union. Sure Bush had plenty to do with it, but Obama gave it many shoves toward the precipice over the last 3 years....

Whether you prefer Romney, Santorum, or a can of corned-beef hash for President, any one of the three would be superior to another Obama term.

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Danny said...

This supposed info-graphic is short on correct information, and blatantly so biased and plain wrong, it's wrong. If you've forgotten what must seem like an inconvenient truth, there was this little blip in the United State's economic heartbeat, called THE GREAT RECESSION. Maybe read up on that, and not be so pathetically biased and transparently disingenuous and deceptive. You ironically pointed out your own right-wing bias, when hypocritically falsifying data and misrepresenting lies as facts. See, a "LIE", Ms. Blogger, though no one reads your dumb, uniformed and biased opinions, is when you so bizarrely try to even make a case that the US was better under George Dubya, than under President Obama. BTW, ONE corrective hint: the unemployment rate last month was 4.9 %. The day Bush left, the unemployment rate peaked at 7.8%. Do the math, and do us all a favor, and stop lying to serve your partisan wishes, even when the facts run completely counter to the numbers and knowns you hope to rewrite history by. President Bush took the position on 1/01, Wall Street Journal clearly does not agree with you lame and sad lies, and stated the economy under George Dubya, was the "Worst record on record'. 8.7 million jobs were lost, and nearly three million Americans lost their homes. Any dozen half-wits would tell you their lives were better under the FIRST president Clinton, and hopefully, under the latest next President Clinton. It's sad and a waste of time to attempt to interject truth and facts, when you choose to LIE about them, intentionally. And not that it seems to matter to you, but 9-11 occurred under Dubya's watch, and he is on record saying he essentially threw away any and all passable intelligence from the FIRST President Clinton, to Dubya. Three thousand Americans died and our sense of safety and security was lost, and how did your town-fool respond? Declaring a war on a country that had NOTHING to do with the attack, and five thousand American military members died for Dubya's made-up war concern. Maybe worse, George W.Bush stated this on March 13th, 2002: "I don't know where Bin Laden is. I have no idea,and I really don't care. IT's not that important. It's not our priority." And, further, former Secretary of State has not only NOT endorse Trump, but made it a determined message to tell the nation he was voting for Clinton, and denounced Trump in a dozen fair and balances words. There are five living U.S. Presidents. NONE of these two past Bushes endorse or support Trump, and they seem to be a pretty reliable source to judge a Clinton vs. Trump reign. And that Donald Trump DID tell the truth for once, when he thought he could do so, disturbingly boasting about being a repetitive sexual assault criminal. "Liberals are liars"? You're lying, and intentionally, knowingly doing it! Next time, try a little bit less blatantly obvious denying reality and facts, when you are the lair you're pointing fingers at Democrats over. LIE yourself. Have a lovely day. https://ourfuture.org/20141208/bush-vs-obama-on-the-economy-in-3-simple-charts