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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama declares open-season on barred owls

Just like he did with the car-company economy when he chose winners and losers based on his personal political favorites, Obama will start killing barred owls in order to save the endangered northern spotted owl.

Just like in any thriving economy, nature thrives best when left alone. There is no system in which Obama won't meddle in order to score political points....this time with stupid conservationists who prize the spotted owl.

Just as it sucked to be one of the car dealerships that got closed because you were in political disfavor with Obama, it sucks to be a barred owl too.


Bill Lockhart said...

Hey--I got in!

Kill owls for owls? Why not kill of the endagered owls so they won't strike back when they are the new majority?

Ed said...

The northern spotted owl is an environmental favorite only because the logging in the northwest harmed their habitat back in the 80's. There are almost certainly unintended consequences for meddling into nature as we like to do.

Probably the population of some other vermin on which the barred owl dines, will suddenly explode and spread whatever disease it carries....or something like that.

Bill Lockhart said...

The vermin left to explode being Obama?...........oh SNAP