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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The pernicious creep of Islam claims another victim

As the formerly great Britain careens toward oblivion under the weight of its own politically-correct insanity, roving gangs of "Asians" have been brutally attacking white kids for no apparent reason other than they are white, at least judging by the slurs that were hurled at them along with bottles, punches, and kicks to the face and head.

In case you live in a hole, "Asian" is the term by which Europeans call Arabic or Muslim people. The hostile north Africans who've colonized entire neighborhoods around London are so belligerent, even cops won't respond to calls there and spineless bureaucrats protect them as a minority class.

Any society that is unwilling to fight for itself doesn't deserve to exist and England's existence may well have an expiration date if she doesn't wake up.

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